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Opportunities to join the

Amaco team...

We can provide you with exciting opportunities in the security management industry.

Explore a variety of careers in security

At Amaco Management Services, we are dedicated to offering the best quality service to our clients across the board. A big part of that is having a great team of employees who share that mission.

We also provide SIA approved training  and other courses from our partners at GSTS Ltd along with regular incentives and employee awards. Please note, applicants who are already SIA approved would be preferred.


Invterview Process

We select our guarding and security personnel extremely carefully with a comprehensive interview process. Our security officers main objective is to ensure that your premises and your staff, customers and clients remain secure and protected at all times.


You're in safe hands

Highly trained and skilled, with both plain clothed and uniformed guards available, we allow each client to focus on running their business whilst we handle the security.

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your premises and stock are safe from thieves which will help your business move forward.

If you're intersted in joining our team, contact us today

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