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For all your security needs 

Amaco Management Services has a comprehensive list of services to keep your business safe, secure and operational.


Hire & Sales Bio Metric Containers

Amaco Management Services has developed Access Control Solutions that allow you to control who is on site in real time. The system uses hand or finger print recognition so that you can be sure of users identity. This differentiates for the proximity card system, which anybody could carry, and therefore the person has the rights not the card.


The system monitors time and attendance for a host of different purposes for example sub-contractor time sheets, wages, and CSCS card expiries. It Can also be utilised for health & safety, productivity implications, commercial disputes, and program analysis/performance to improve efficiency on site.


The hand and finger print bio metric technology has been proven to be the most effective on-site access control system available. Our solution is fully mobile, provides effective access control and has a proven track record of reliability.


Hire & Sales CCTV Systems

At Amaco Management Services we are widely experienced in the Installation and operation of Alarm and CCTV systems. Our ONC qualified and FIA trained officers can operate alarm and CCTV systems to ensure maximum functionality.

All of our intruder alarms can be integrated with our CCTV systems providing complete protection. Our company will access your premises thoroughly to make sure you get the right CCTV or Alarm systems; to ensure your investment will have the best protection possible for your site, which will give you piece of mind whilst you're away from your premises. We also offer access controls, bio-metric controls, and intruder and fire detection systems.

CCTV and Alarms play a big part in deterring would be criminals. Therefore it is important you seek professional advice from a experienced company such as Amaco Management Services.


Vending Machines

At Amaco Management Services we offer three types of vending machines, drinks, confectionary and snacks. Please contact Amaco to see how we can add value to your site.

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Hire & Sales Mobile CCTV Towers

Where remote temporary CCTV monitoring is required for an external location such as a yard, construction site, car park, playing field etc., our CCTV tower provides the ideal solution. 


The CCTV tower is mounted on a trailer that can be easily transported (towed behind a vehicle) and is quick to erect on-site. Engineered to remain outside in all conditions, the CCTV tower’s rugged steel construction and weather-proof fittings and mountings make it ideal for construction sites. 


Whilst the CCTV tower can be mains powered, it is deployed with full independent operation capability as standard and is designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time. High-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and in-built solar panels will keep the unit fully functioning 24/7 with, or without power for an indefinite period. 


Additional features include audio-challenge (remote speaker) and a weatherproof telephone handset for site-to-base conversations, plus constant connection to the mobile network for remote interrogation and video file upload/cloud storage for ultimate security.


Near Field Communications


Fever Protection & Intelligent Cameras

Amaco Management Services offer a number of solutions which can help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment, we offer a range of Intelligent Access Control Cameras and Fever Detection Screening units. Utilising the latest technologies it is possible to monitor automatically and without the need for human interaction visitors temperatures, any visitors above the set temperature will be denied access and a report will be automatically sent to your control room. 


We can incorporate these modules with our other solutions such as our access control turnstiles for added security. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements. 


Walkthrough Metal Detectors

Security around outside & indoor events can be a barrier for the people attending. The task of planning and arranging security for such events requires reliable metal detectors and checkpoint installations.


Traffic Marshalls + Banskmen

At Amaco Management Services we only pick the wisest of hands to support our clients requiring traffic management and banksmen. It will be obvious to you why, none more so than when our skilled and experienced team have deployed their wide range of skills to keep the traffic flowing and keep your staff safe. 


Our well-trained team will keep things moving along. And, if needed, their fire control and emergency evacuation training are highly prized. 


And we never forget that we are your ambassadors and often the first point of contact for your customers, so all our staff have had extensive customer service training. You wouldn’t want it any other way. 


Mobile Patrols

Amaco Management Services provide a mobile patrol service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Most of our clients require a mobile patrol at vulnerable hours such as evenings and weekends. Acting as a first point of call service, we liaise with emergency services, patrol supervisors and our control room for a fast-acting response to a location, should any incidents occur. We also provide a full visual deterrent by use of company signs around the vicinity of our clients' location

Our mobile patrol officers will observe and report on areas that are not necessarily directly related to security such as:

  • Inspection to identify maintenance issues

  • Inspection of site to identify maintenance and Occupational Health and Safety issues

  • Supervise site security systems and emergency alarms

  • Responding to alarms or emergencies

  • Welfare checks on your staff working alone or at night

  • Building lock-up and openings

All Amaco Management Services Mobile Patrol Officers hold a current Security Industry Authority (SIA) officer licence. Every licence holder has had a background check by the Police before being issued with a licence.


Concierge Services

Installing a highly skilled concierge can have a dramatic impact on increasing the value of your property accommodation.


The concierge service provides an increased and specialist level of attention to clients that is second to none, and at Amao Management Services our highly trained and experienced staff provide knowledgeable and discrete solutions for all your clients needs, including transport security, visitor vetting and key holding duties. 


Nationwide Fencing

The one-stop-shop for all your boundary treatment needs. Our team have over 100 years combined wealth and knowledge in the security fencing sector, leading us to be the largest security fencing company in the industry. We operate all over Britain and Europe, from new build housing to major infrastructure and from prisons to mental health.

Our client base depends on our wealth of knowledge in helping them choose the right boundary solution and bespoke gates that work best for them. 


Film Set/Production Security

With over 25 years’ experience of specialised security operatives in this field, Amaco Management Services can be trusted to provide a secure film set from prying eyes and other risks. With more TV shows and movies being filmed across London and the UK, we have set a dedicated ‘Media Task Force’ to offer tailor-made security solutions for any film set. Contact Us for more information.


Chauffeur Service

We offer a high-qualify chauffeur service for solo and group travellers. With our well-kept Mercedes-Benz vehicles (C-Class, S-Class and Viano) and our reputation for security, you can be sure that your VIPs are transported safely and in executive luxury. Call us today or email


Retail Security

Amaco Management Services selects its guarding and security personnel extremely carefully with comprehensive interview procedures. Our security officers main objective is to ensure that your premises and your staff, customers and clients remain secure and protected at all times.

Highly trained and skilled, with both plain clothed and uniformed guards available, Amaco Management Services allow each client to focus on running their business whilst security is in safe hands.

Whilst we experience the biggest recession of modern times, money is tighter and crime is at an all time high. So while your customers shop at your stores, be sure to know they are safe from opportunists, and your premises and stock are safe from thieves which will help your business move forward in these difficult times.  


Close Protection Officers 

Amaco Management Services provides close protection operatives and executive protection services to meet our client's requirements.


Our services are diverse and tailored to our clients needs. We understand the balance of business and family life and the need to fit around the client whilst giving the best protection possible.  


Risk Assessments

Website being updated.


Parking Stewards

Car parking is a key necessity for any business or event, to ensure a positive first and last experience. We can provide experienced and trained car parking stewards who can not only offer the highest level of customer service, but maximise parking space and revenue, as part of a comprehensive and specialist package. All stewards wear branded high visibility jackets and identification, and are also trained in first aid. If you’re interested in seeing how our Parking Steward service could work for you, please contact us for more information.

At Amaco Management Services we have a proven track record of harnessing the latest technology to allow our clients to see and audit what a difference we can make. We believe in transparency and we believe in our abilities to confirm what we do and how we do it. 


Looking after our client’s property and people as well as our own people are our most important priorities. 


Creating a safe and secure environment takes a lot of work and to help us stay ahead of the game we look to innovations in technology, one of these being NFC or Near Field Communication.


Drone Services

Amaco has teamed up with an independent aerial surveying company operating throughout the Northwest. All of the pilots are trained to Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS), and have been awarded Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) status from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). All of the pilots have accumulated many years of experience within the construction and development industry.


Amaco fully understand the difficulties experienced with traditional surveying techniques. Surveying at height and within restrictive areas

has always been a prohibitive task. After extensive research and questioning we became aware of

the unique abilities of employing drones for this purpose; drones remove the need for traditional height accessing methods, removing the potential danger of working at height. These positive features bring with them a reduction in cost and time. 


Key Holding & Alarm Response

With Amaco Management Services as your registered key holder, we have professionally trained staff who provide a total solution to your out-of-hours needs.

Amaco Management Services can rapidly respond to any disturbances and alarm activations. In addition we will also reset your alarm and arrange for any repairs and ensure the premises are secure. Our services can be tailor made completely to meet your needs.  


K9 Services

Dogs can provide an excellent deterrent for security, and at Amaco Management Services we have a wide variety of canines that are well trained and treated by experienced dog handlers, keeping your property safe. Contact Us for more information.


Cleaning Services

At Amaco Management Services we understand that the comprehensive cleaning of site cabins and offices is vitally important in terms of health and safety and appearance.

 We specialise in providing you with reliable cleaning solutions whenever you need it. Operating across the UK, we will work alongside your staff to ensure we meet your needs, adapting to your business routine and seamlessly working when it suits you best.


All of our cleaning technicians are highly qualified, we carry out regular training sessions both external and in-house. We are happy to work in conjunction with accredited bodies to meet with our client’s specific requirements. All staff receive full COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous To Health) training and must hold a CSCS (Constructing Skill Certification Scheme) before attending construction sites. 



At Amaco Management Services we only pick the wisest of hands to support our clients requiring direct sites supervision and a regular first point of contact. 


These supervisors are chosen from our skilled and experienced team and have displayed the right attributes to take control of your site and keep your staff and contractors safe. 


Our well-trained operatives will keep things moving along. And, if needed, their fire control and emergency evacuation training are highly prized. We never forget that we are your ambassadors and often the first point of contact for your customers, so all our staff have had extensive customer service training. 


Our operatives very soon become a valued asset to your site. You wouldn’t want it any other way.


Litter Officers

Litter can be a problem for any organisation - even with tight controls on dropping litter, rubbish can blow with the wind onto your property, and can be difficult to collect. Amaco Management Services can provide an effective litter management service that can help prevent your business being negatively perceived. What’s more, we can also report and remove any illegal fly tipping on your property, and keep an eye out for any signs of vandalism or dumping. Once waste is collected, we are able to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way, maintaining your company’s green credentials.


Contact us for a site survey and take control of your trash troubles!


PI Services

Amaco Management Services offer a discreet private investigator service, and our extensive experience and quality of personnel allow us to offer a wide range of services.


It may be that you need an Investigator for a number of different scenarios, but whatever the situation we can reveal the facts and provide evidence allowing you to make an informed decision, we provide:

  •     The highest professional standards

  •     Total discretion

  •     Professional and reliable results

  •     A wide range of investigation services


Car Park Management

Car thefts and break-ins are a constant threat in any car park around the country. Amaco Management Services can offer both manned security and CCTV operation, giving a visual deterrent for potential thieves and eliminating the risk of damage for your customers. Contact us for more information.


Car Dealership Security

With high value products prominently on display, car dealerships are often targets for theft. Amaco Management Services can help you to keep for valuable assets safe, ensuring that you aren’t disrupted serving potential customers, and preventing loss of stock. Contact us for more information.


Concrete Blocks

Where an immovable physical barrier is required that will prevent vehicle access, our on-hire concrete barriers, built to BS EN 1317 standard, provide the perfect temporary or permanent solution. Our concrete barriers are available in multiple shapes and sizes and are highly effective; 


• At preventing access for fly-tippers, squatters and other illegal occupation 

• Against ram-raiders and terrorist attacks 

• For creating a safe working area for a workforce 

• In providing flood defences 

• In protecting pedestrians from traffic 

• As a secure base for fencing at public events 

• At preventing unauthorised access to forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds 

• As counterweights, kentledge for scaffolding, fencing, cranes

• Any number of concrete barrier blocks can be delivered to any location in the UK 


Stewards/Crowd Control Officers

For major events and other large gatherings, Amaco Management Services can provide a professional, highly visible and respectful crowd control service to keep everything running smoothly, while also identifying and preventing any potential threats or dissonance in a heavy crowd. Our trained personnel have years of experience in the field, and can operate in a range of roles including ticket validation, public assistance and traffic management, as well as helping to control fire and emergency evacuation procedures. With Amaco Management Services, you can be safe in the knowledge that our Officers will act in the utmost integrity as ambassadors of your public event.

We can provide a free security survey with one of our senior members of staff to create an optimal security solution.

Call Amaco Management Services to discuss all your security and safety needs 

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